Thursday, September 29, 2016

"October Bloglist Segment by FatinaMdzfr".

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Awak, jom kita join segmen anjuran sahabat kita nie dengan syarat cukup senang... 

Katanya : 

"As what have I mentioned in my previous post, today, I decided to make a segment on October Bloglist that will be featured on my blog for the whole month. Anyway, this is my first time in organizing a segment, thus, I got so excited to do it! I'll be choosing 15 blog to be on the list and I'll be using

Now, let me share with you the rules to participate this segment:
  1. Must follow my blog. 
  2. Copy and paste the banner above on your post and back link to this entry. 
  3. Tag 2 friends to join this segment.
  4. Make an entry title "October Bloglist Segment by FatinaMdzfr".
  5. When you are done, please leave your comment down below with the link of your post.
Tadaaaa. This segment will take place for a week, which is, from 29 September until 8 October. I'll be announcing the 15 lucky winner on 9 October at 10 am. I will be waiting for your participation in this segment and will be updating the participant's name from time to time, so everyone can go for a blogwalking on each other's blog. Enjoy! :)

The More The Merrier! :)"

Dan saya perlu tag 2 orang sahabat yang lain.. Orang yang bertuah tue adalah :

Klik pada banner untuk join..

Best of luck..


  1. hihi thx kak kin :) insyaAllah join :)

  2. thank you join! :D
    insha Allah esok Fatin update nama peserta ye :)
    semoga berjaya :D

  3. Good luck. Singgah dari segmen yg sama


  4. blogwalking jap

  5. dua kali saya ditag untuk join segmen ni.. hihi.. masyeh ingat kat kita.. ^_^

  6. kita pun da join. saja blogwalking :)


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