Thursday, July 06, 2017


Assalamualaikum wbt..

Saya nak menjemput awak untuk join Segmen Site Of The Month daripada blogger Najwa.. 

Senang aje syaratnya..


Why do we do this?
  • It is always nice to feature some nice, cool and interesting blog out there.
  • It’s also great to see people happy when their sites are selected.
  • It’s also another way for me to make new friends too :)
How are the site selected?
  • Any personal website and blog may submit their entry / get nominated, as long as it is a site which does not contain prohibited and sensitive content.
  • Every month, we will open a 2 weeks period of nomination, and 2 weeks period of voting.
  • You can promote in any way to have your visitors to vote for your site.
  • The site with the most votes wins.
What you will get?
  • Your website/blog will be featured on the sidebar of my site for a whole month
  • …which means, more traffic to your site! ;)
What are the rules
  • You may nominate your own website/blog.
  • You can also nominate site/blog which you don’t own.
  • After you have nominated yourself, please place a banner, or even text will do, stated that you are nominated for Site of the Month on Meteora, and link the banner or text back to this page (I will provide a simple banner that you can use soon). This can help you get more votes too at later stage.
  • If you are nominating other website on behalf, please let the owner knows about this :)
  • You may vote for your own website/blog, but we will monitor the votes.
Best of luck..! 😉


❧ ✿ Terima kasih atas kesudian awak untuk tinggalkan nota di sini..✿ ❧